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Who You Are

I do not understand how people have thoughts and questions and feelings and keep those things inside of themselves. I find those people sometimes fascinating and sometimes completely unrelatable. How do you not complain when you’re frustrated? How are you having all these big feelings and not expressing them? Don’t you feel like at any moment… Continue reading Who You Are

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I Don’t Give A Crap

I have no idea what caused it. None. It’s not something I felt like I needed to change. It’s not something that I was working on. It just came out of nowhere. What happened, you ask? I 100% do not care about other women’s parenting decisions. No, really, I don’t. Let me back up. Some… Continue reading I Don’t Give A Crap

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When I began to really understand what was happening at mass, I didn’t understand why people all around me weren’t crying with joy. Why people aren’t silent and reverent the entire time. Why the air in the church isn’t thick and important. Why did it seem, on the outside, like nothing important was happening? I… Continue reading Maybe

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A Conversion Story

The following is my personal conversion story. I’m writing it mostly because I’ve been asked to share it at a retreat for college students (and what better way is there to gather my thoughts?). It would be awesome if someone could relate to my story and felt inspired to dig deeper. I know that, generally,… Continue reading A Conversion Story