About Me

Well, hey there! I’m Diana and I’m the writer here at “The Vallette Family.” I’m married to Marvin and we have 4 children under the age of 6 (Elaina, Dane, Juliet and Maria). Marvin and I try our best to parent with a good balance of love and discipline, but we’re human and we mess up a lot. Lucky for you, I write about all of our blunders here in my little corner of the internet.

This blog mostly serves for me to think out loud and feel like a real human being. My posts are filled with the things I have learned in the past , with the things I need to re-learn a million times over and, most importantly, with the things I have yet to learn. It’s a candid look at one woman’s success and (more frequently) failures in motherhood, marriage and faith.



You won’t find beautiful, professionally taken pictures of my family or DIY craft ideas or anything frame worthy here. I am a mediocre mother, an average wife and an ordinary Jesus follower. My greatest hope for my followers is that you find me relatable & real. I hope you laugh a little, find some inspiration now and then, are entertained from time to time, and, most of all, that you’re made to feel like you’re normal and that who you are and what you do is ENOUGH (because it totally is). If you read this and think to yourself “we could sooooo be best friends” then I have done my job! (But, like, let’s be the kind of best friend that calls crying because their husband is being a jerk or because they feel guilty that they forgot to buy cupcakes for their kid’s class. The real kind of friend that every woman needs–whether she realizes it or not.)

This is what my life looks like 80% of the time: a fast food dinner and only one kid paying attention to me.

I figured out early on that moms need community. Real community. A place we can go to exhale and let down our non-flat ironed hair. We need a place where we can laugh and nod along with one another and say “dangit, this parenting gig is hard!” without worrying that some other “better” mother might be judging you.

I started this blog over 5 years ago and a lot of it makes me cringe. Early in motherhood, I was very self conscious and arrogant. Those feelings caused me to perpetuate the competitive spirit we all experience now in “mommy wars.” I have to stop myself from going back and deleting or editing most of my early posts. I wonder “what were you thinking?” at some point in almost every one of those posts. I don’t delete or edit myself because life is about growth and change and it wouldn’t be an accurate look into the life of a mediocre mom (and writer) if I made myself look perfect–please read with this in mind.


If you find this blog worth reading, I humbly ask that you share it with others who you think might enjoy it. XOXO